The Benefits of Pattern Imprinted Concrete for Your Driveway

The Lancashire Driveway Company Provide Specialist Pattern Imprinted Driveways across Lancashire, The Fylde, and South Cumbria.

What is Pattern Imprinted Concrete?

Pattern imprinted concrete is when concrete is poured to fill your driveway or patio as a single slab, and then it is textured and coloured to look however you like. Common choices are to give the same look as expensive, authentic materials such as single brick and tile paving, slates, granite, and more. Despite not being these materials, pattern imprinted concrete has a number of advantages, including your choice of how it will look.

The Main Advantages of Pattern Imprinted Concrete

Low maintenance!

Forget having to replace bricks and tiles. Due to pattern imprinted concrete being a single slab, you won’t get weeds growing in between your paved driveway.

The cost!

Pattern imprinted concrete is an affordable way to make your driveway or patio looking the way you like. Much cheaper than paving or tiling.

It’s stronger and sturdier!

With a pattern imprinted driveway, you won’t get any sinking, this is due to its structure not being separate slabs fitted together. It also won’t stain, and nothing will get under it.

Improve your property!

By adding a pattern imprinted driveway to your house and boosting your kerb appeal, your property value will significantly increase.

The Process of Pattern Imprinted Driveways

Now you know the advantages, how would we implement your pattern imprinted driveway?

To prepare, our qualified, experienced and trained workers would carry out a full inspection of your current driveway, and if you would like, we can undertake all necessary preparatory groundworks needed for your brand-new driveway.

After excavating and removing debris, we place a sub base down. This makes sure your driveway is evened out and all on the same level keeping your pattern imprinted concrete sturdy and holding up.

The concrete is then poured on and layered using a magnesium float to make sure everything is even. After, we apply the colour of your choice. We then use mould mats to implement the pattern. These are used to match the design that you have chosen.

Specialist Pattern Imprinted Concrete Company

If you need a pattern imprinted driveway, or a pattern imprinted patio, The Lancashire Driveway Company is only a phone call away. Our friendly, expert team can prepare, colour, texture and imprint your driveway to suit your specific needs and make your home look exactly how you want.

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Please call us today on
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